Diagnostics and repairing or replacement of car steering and suspension.

List of works:

  • suspension struts or  shock absorbers and air springs replacement
  • level sensors repair and replacement
  • control arm bushings replacement
  • stabilizer links and bushings replacement
  • steering inner and outer tie rods replacement
  • steering rack replacement
  • axle boots replacement
  • upper and lower control arms replacement
  • ball joint replacement
  • brake pads and rotors replacement
  • and much more…

For safe vehicle operation, the reliability of all  components of the chassis we recommend you promptly carry out diagnostics and repair work .

The scheduled maintenance work chassis diagnostics includes such works:

Brake system check (pads, brake rotors, calipers and brake hoses), Check condition of all   bushings , Ball joints, tie-rod ends, wheel bearings , shock absorbers, stabilizer links, alignment.

Experienced and qualified mechanics who work at LINCOLNWOOD AUTO will perform the steering and suspension diagnostic, make a list of necessary work to be performed.

For vehicle repair we use original or high quality aftermarket  parts, as well as such world famous manufacturers like: Kayaba, Ruville, Lemförder, SWAG, Sachs, Monroe, Luk, Moog, Bilstein and others. Our service adviser  will prepare a detailed estimate with a different parts option and reasonable cost for you.