LINCOLNWOOD AUTO performs all kinds of works related to car electricity

  • Car wiring repair and replacement
  • Computer diagnostics with elimination of any errors
  • Testing and setting up of the car electronics
  • Starter repair
  • Alternator repair
  • Air conditioner compressor & climate control repairs
  • Injectors cleaning
  • Installation of additional equipment
  • Installation of xenon, bi-xenon
  • tow bars
  • central locking


AC compressor diagnostics and replacement from $550
AC system diagnostics from $110
Alternators diagnostics and replacement from $190
Injector cleaning from $110
Starter’s diagnostics and replacement from $190
Computer diagnostics from $45
Wiring repair from $65

Auto electrics — one of the most complex vehicle systems. In modern vehicles work of almost every system connected with electronics. Even the slightest malfunction can lead to problems in the engine operation or any body control systems. That is why, so meticulous work on repair of automotive electronics must be carried after an exact diagnostics and require the professional equipment. We have the skills and a wealth of experience, which help to perform an exact diagnostics and high-quality repair of any complexity.