LINCOLNWOOD AUTO performs all kinds of works related to CAR AIR CONDITIONER SYSTEM

  • A/C system diagnostics on leak resistance
  • A/C compressor inspection
  • Freon recharge
  • Ultraviolet induction


A/C recharge from $90
A/C condenser cleaning from $65
A/C diagnostics from $45

Car air conditioner, like any other device from time to time, requires diagnostics & maintance, and if there is any issues it will require an experts. If you notice some negative features in conditioners’ work such as ice or frost appears on connecting elements, lack of cold air from air vents. All these points will signal that A/C system needs to be recharged. Air conditioner recharge is important  action not only a lack but also surplus of frion could adversely affect on conditions’ work.

Car service center LINCOLNWOOD AUTO performs repairs or replacements on any air conditioner systems. We used only high qualify freon, oil,dye and the professional SNAP-ON  system for air conditioner evacuate & recharge …

We guarantee quality for parts and our labor!!!